Scaramouche in shock name change rumour

It seems that some things change, while others remain different. Rumours have begun to surface from Davey Dreamnation’s hi-tech Tribesco compound that his long-time companion, Esperanto translator and spokesllama, Scaramouche, is planning to change his name – to Sea Biscuit. “Well, you know what my position is on all of this,” seethed a suitably appalled Stung at a pre-arranged press conference this morning (Tribesco time), “I’m seething.” Angered that his press conference (where he was planning to promote his second album entitled Nothing Like the Stung) had been taken over by “idle gossip”, Stung then launched an attack on the animal for whom just last week he wrote two instrumentals. “I think that dumb animal has got it into his head that if he calls himself Sea Biscuit then he’ll get to be ridden by Toby Maguire. I suspect it’s the llama’s roundabout way of saying that he doesn’t appreciate me riding him around all day, which is fair enough. But frankly, who’d want to be taken for a ride by an actor like that? Yes I am seething, you can quote me on that. I’ll be meeting with Davey this afternoon to sort this bull carpet out once and for all. Either the llama goes, or I go.” Interested fans are invited to submit an alternative name for Scaramouche’s benefit below, in order to avoid such a calamity becoming reality.

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