Stomach Pumps

Until last night, I had never been inside a hospital for humans. Unfortunatetly for me, there was no other option available when I came down with a serious case of food poisoning over the weekend. There is a veterinary surgery at Camp Davey but our vet, Pixel Mouse, is currently away on holidays, while Stung is left to fend for himself, Brad and of course me, in the lonely confines of our master’s compound (also AWOL, it seems). My fever became worse and the green bile being expelled through my nose became gluck. Stung took decisive action, carrying me to the Camp Davey Casualty ward, where I received proper care for the first time since I got trapped inside a 3D viewer, all those years ago. The nurse performed a stomach pump on me, which managed to clear out most of the ham. I also received a suction pump of my throat, which removed the shards of hambone that had been blocking my airways. I am now on a strictly herbivorous food and lemonade diet.

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