Catholic Autistic Terrific: “Every Clown Has A Silver Lining”

DNRC059 | LP | 1968/2006 | DELETED

Wacky duo Macdaddy Kiff and Montana Radaman moved to Los Angeles in 1965, living in the garage of Kiff’s grandmother – who was once herself a notable musician in the saucy skiffle band ‘Just Good Clean Rock n’ Roll’. Radaman fell in love with Jane Jayne, a bassist, whom he met at an all girls’ stamp collecting convention in Seattle. The three of them formed ‘Catholic Autistic Terrific’ and within months began touring with big psychedelic bands such as Electric Prunes, Eire Apparent, Camel, Left Banke and Bubble Puppy. They signed to ‘International Artists’ (home of the 13th Floor Elevators) and soon began weaving their magic on transistors everywhere with hits such as ‘Very Happy Egg Man’ and ‘Are You in the Spa Club Too?’ Their swansong album ‘Swansong’ was banned in the UK for its simulated orgasm sounds all throughout the LP. It was a mixture of heady scathing acid-drenched keyboards, neo-classical drums and Zappa-inspired bass. Kiff fell off stage during a concert in San Francisco, yelling ‘C**KS**KERS’ at the audience during their tragic, spontaneous song ‘Call Down the Moon if You Have Time’. The band never recovered, with mass burnings of their later albums. ‘Every Clown Has a Silver Lining’ has some of Kiff’s angry genius in it peppered with the misty lament of the love between Radaman and Jayne. Expect churning hammond, expect avant-garde electronica, expect primitive chants. This is a must buy. Come on!

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  1. I hear you used to be able to pick up original copies of this classic album on ebay occassionally. Until it was banned recently as a result of the new Sedition Laws. It isn’t an overtly political album but government censors picked up on the lyrical content of ‘Very Happy Egg Man.’ Part of which exhorts the general public to ‘burn down the houses of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men. Then bitchslap the prime minister again and again.’
    When Radaman was questioned recently about the political leanings of ‘Very Happy Egg Man’ his only reply was ‘Who the fuck are you?’ And ‘How did you get this fucking number you cocksucker?’

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