Davey Dreamnation: ‘Dim Stars’

DNRC010 | 7" | 2002 | DELETED

Davey Dreamnation again defied public expectations by releasing new music on a Saturday evening, returning from an inexplicable absence of form with a stunning new single entitled ‘Dim Stars’.

Signalling that his recent experimentation with drum machines (witness the Scaramouche and Free Quincey releases) had done Davey more good than harm, the single featured a divinely spacey rhythm section, swamped beneath the artist’s now familiar reverb trademark. Sources close to the rapidly evolving cartoon artist suggested that by releasing the new song, drawing heavily on Davey’s undergraduate idols Slowdive, Davey had given up all hope of making the transition to commercial success.

The song actually devolved from a poem composed using an Internet search engine. That being said, ‘Dim Stars’ is more properly characterised as an instrumental as it consists of seven or eight vocal tracks reversed, reverbed, buffed, rammed and spat out, accompanied by a half-arsed drum track and a five string guitar tuned to E.

Best listened to while performing an interpretative buto dance on crutches at the seaside. Add bird sounds to taste.

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