DNRC081 | 7″ | 2015 | DELETED

The first mewlings to come over the interstellar gamma radio after the implosion of the planet Davium in the year 2014 suggested that all was in fact not lost, or not completely. Doomsayers and pulings from the terrestrial street press notwithstanding, DNRC managed to get back on its feet in the devastating aftermath of Punk Fraud’s disatrous comeback tour and shaped up just in time for Christmas 2015 by releasing this suitably-untitled manic pop gem, from French alto-rockers Image Disponible Prochainement. Indeed, not only was the single untitled but its b-side, a remarkable excursion into uncharted territories, was actually left off the disc, leading some to comment that IDP had been listening to more than one or two John Cage “albums”. Still, the a-side, clocking in at a staggering seventeen hours and thirty eight minutes, actually meanders through several chasms unmeasured by man, including one planetary pastoral section and several fugues, along with two or three hours of mindless twaddle it would be best not to linger on here for longer than a parsec. Cloned from the remains of what used to be the underground movement known as Detritus, IDP would not really hit their stride until much later in their boom-box career, and the tempo on this release is a little funereal – nevertheless, with some smart and spartan bush bass and a tinge of melodium (provided by future supernova Kuskat, of Kuskat and the Mushli Bars) “Untitled” does yodel its intentions from a high peak, and suffers only momentarily in the downbeat, swinging effortlessly between Stereolathe and Serge Gainsweight. How Dreamnation managed to farnarkle this bloated single down so that it could fit on one side of a 7″ is, frankly, beyond us but compared to some of the other bullcarpet that’s been released on this increasingly irrelevant label, one has to wonder what might have happened had IDP not been deleted from the ‘stable’ of DNRC stars moments after the pressing of their third (and best) album Bum Shoe Whistles (the Greats). Sadly, we shall never know.

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