DNRC002 | LP | 2002 | DELETED

Melbourne music fans awoke stunned one morning later that week to the news that Davey Dreamnation had announced his intention to leave The Spirit Levels, a band once described as “sensations”. In other news, new teenage sensations The Sprite Levels announced details of their debut album, although any connection between this event and the Spirit Levels split was angrily denied by the teenage heartthrob. Speaking through an interpreter, Dreamnation revealed that neither musical differences nor similarities had had nothing to do with his decision. “I hereby categorically deny any insinuation that there are or ever have been musical differences between myself, J and JJ. The simple fact is that now I’ve decided to communicate only in Esperanto, we can’t understand each other. I’m looking forward to pursuing several solo careers, the first of which you’ll be hearing all about very soon. The others you may not ever hear about at all.” Dreamnation’s announcement came only after several hours speculation that The Spirit Levels were indeed set to split, after what one band insider described as a “disastrous” tour of Tasmania. But the gangly pop star with no discernable song-writing ability, let alone musical instruments, was keeping mum about the details of his future plans. When questioned at Tullamarine International Airport this morning, the superstar claimed he was simply queuing for a mystery flight, as part of a charity event. He was later seen boarding a Cathay pacific flight to Hong Kong. Neither J or JJ were returning calls. J’s neighbours, however, claimed that they had seen the diminutive starlet leaving her Beacon Cove apartment, bush bass in tow. JJ’s agent later claimed that The Spirit Levels had never actually existed, but were indeed a figment of the popular imagination. Meanwhile Dreamnation fans, numbering in double figures, began blockading major inner-city record shops the next morning, hoping to purchase what may well prove to be one of the music industry’s oddest of rarities: a sad and deletede copy of The Sprite Levels’ one and only album, entitled “Esperanto Sea Levels”, featuring both radio edit and instrumental versions of their unreleased single, “Sprite Adds Life”.

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