Some Alternative Davey Dreamnation Promotional Shots

While I’ve been sweating over the choice of promotional photo for my upcoming debut book of poetry, I’ve also been grappling with issues of artistic integrity and interrogating my own self-image, with alarming results. How do I want the world to view me? Is it possible for me to control the image I present to the world? Does anyone really care?

Cue some spectacular photographic work from my sister Francesca, who obviously has no respect for me and clearly has too much time on her hands. I’ve been looking at these pics for the past few days and laughing so hard it’s giving me a belly ache. If I was Stung, I’d be seething right now. Seething.

But here’s where you come in: from the following, which would you recommend should grace the cover of the next Davey Dreamnation release? Are you a fan of the Bono-Mullet crossover look? Or perhaps you’re a fan of the Veronicas? Maybe you think the second-hand car salesman look is appropriate. Then again, perhaps you’ve always thought of Davey as a cult filmmaker.

Drop me a comment and let me know. You don’t have to register to make a comment anymore. That’s so, like, control freak?






  1. a veronica next to a man, that ruins the lesbian-incest thing they got that drives the audience wild. you with a camera gets my vote. it’s like, deep.

  2. so what’s this about a book of poetry? you mean other than abendland, obv. who what where when?

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