i wish to specifically send remembrances & love to you
& how is your mother bernard is she well? i do hope so

(tho i've never met her or your good self nevertheless
send her my regards & fred woods is well? i do hope 

the bruise heals soon (tho what happened i can't tell 
& young jim hartigan is he likewise well? i do hope so 

but please do send him my best regards & the solution 
to this week's crossword is enclosed ada i do hope she's

well you speak so highly of her now don't go jumping to 
conclusions bernard i can only go by what you tell meh

about your bowel movements bernard are they regular
i pray so for you know my views on this issue prunes &

buttermilk (enough said eva i presume she's well oh 
i hope so & as i know oh she's very cute in that photo

you mentioned enclosing never did arrive unfortunately 
still i see her pretty well from here & very cute she is 

& her parents mr & mrs fryer are both cute i hope so 
please also kindly pass on to dear mr fryer my sincere

congratulations on winning the bridge tournament &
don't ask how i know! tell ted he's wanted in several

states over here (i'm sure he'll get the joke it's private 
i don't recall who louie is but please send him or her

fond salutations & finally tom touchstone who i can't
place (no i'm getting nothing but suppose & hope he 

is well i guess that's all but also to other friends not 
named e.g. pet cats the milkman (oh he is a cute one

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