Gowayz ob LOL: “O Kitteh! Meh Kitteh!”

"Similarly, poetry (e.g. the Psalms) can be written in such a way that it looks like a cat wrote it." —LOLCat Bible Translation Project
'O Kitteh! Meh Kitteh! Mai feeful trip iz dun, k?
Teh hoomun haz weferd evareh rack, teh googie wii want iz wawn,
Teh nom nom iz near, teh bels Iz heer, teh ppl iz exultez,
Wyl folo Iz teh stedeh keel, teh vesel grim an dareh ...

    But O srsly!
     O teh bleedin drobs ob red,
       Wear awn teh dek meh Kitteh lys,
         Falen cold an ded.

O Kitteh! Mai Kitteh! Ryz up an heer teh bels;
Riyz up -- for yu teh flag iz flun -- for yu teh b00gil trls,
For yu b00kays an ribawn reefs--for yu teh shawz a-crowdeh,
For yu dey cal, teh swayin mas, feir eegr fases an him sez:

    'Hare Kitteh! Deer fafar!
     Dis rm benefe yor hed!
       It iz some Zzzzzz dat awn teh deck,
         Yu've falen cold an ded?

Meh Kitteh do not want anser, him lips r payl an stil,
Meh fafar do not want feel meh rm, him haz do not want! 
Puls do not want! Teh ship iz ankud sayf an sownd, its voyej 
closed an dun, Fwom feeful trip teh hoomun cums in wif wawn objetc;

     Exolt O shaws, an rign O bels!
       But Iz wif mownful foots,
         Walk teh dek meh Kitteh lies,
           Falen cold an ded. Srly.

Walt Whitman, "O Captain! My Captain!", Leaves of Grass (10th edition)


  1. You sure this was written by a cat, and not a French hunchback with a penchant for bells? Hmm.

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