Stung is a talented flautist, hailing originally from Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand but now resident in the Camp Davey Compound in Tribesco. He has released two albums on Davey’s record label, DNRC, the first of which was entitled Dream of the Blue Pipe Cleaners. Rumours of his recent demise have been slightly exaggerated, although he has been involved in at least one fracas involving his seeing-eye pony which has left him permanently seething. His follow-up album on DNRC, entitled Desert Boot Nose, is due for release in 2024. Stung divides his time between composing uplifting car commercial themes and vocal coaching. Stung’s influence on Davey Dreamnation’s singing career has been noticeable and can be heard on Davey’s forthcoming EP, a collection of rare instrumentals. Stung also acts as a vocal coach and mentor for Clint Bo Dean, one of DNRC’s most troubled stars. His favourite colour is yellow and he was born in the year of the Bee.

Stung denies “swinging” rumours

In a sign that everything is returning to normal in the world, gifted flautist Stung has denied any involvement in group sex activities of any kind. “That’s just despicable,” spluttered Scaramouche today (Tribesco time) after being told of the allegations…