Davey Dreamnation album launch date edges nearer (but still ages away)

Davey Dreamnation is ensconsed in his Majorca studio today, busily tinkering with the track listing and cover art for his debut album, to be entitled “Islands in the stream of consciousness”.

As fans of the puzzling but sincere star would already know, the album has been plagued by controversies, last minute jitches and downright annoying technical problems, none of which seem yet to have been resolved.

Even Davey’s spokesperson, Tori Amos (no relation) was unable to comment on the album’s progress this morning.

“What I can tell you, however, is that “guns of davey” has finally passed the censors at mp3.com.au and has already been downloaded at least once.

“In addition, Davey is making another track from the forthcoming album available on his international website, for a limited time only. The track is called sonic you and is dedicated to Davey’s hero, Daniel Johns of Silverchair.

“Further, Davey has extended the period of time that “Last night betty” will be available for download, due to the fact that the mp3.com.au servers won’t touch the “variable bit rate” at which it is encoded with a ten foot barge pole. Such is life, but it still sux.”

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