Cordite Poetry Review (2001–12)***

Cordite Poetry Review
ISSN: 1328-2107
Issues 8–37
Publisher: Cordite Press Inc.
Publication dates: 2001–2012
Format: Digital (website)
Status: Online and archived

Cordite Poetry Review was established in 1997, and is Australia’s premier Internet poetry journal, having garnered a reputation for publishing experimental and innovative works by both established and emerging Australian poets.

Cordite receives funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, the federal government’s peak arts funding body, and boasts a large and varied readership.

I was the Managing Editor of Cordite Poetry Review between 2001 and 2012. During that time, I produced 30 full issues of the magazine, plus 10 mini-issues, in an online format.

Cordite was founded by Adrian Wiggins and Peter Minter. It began as a broadsheet, with six full issues of the journal published in print. My appointment as Managing Editor coincided with a decision to switch to an online format.

The first online issues featured hand-coded HTML pages. Later iterations made use of Movable Type and, briefly, Blogger. Since 2005, Cordite has been produced using WordPress.

In 2012 I stepped down from the Managing Editor position, handing over the reins to Kent MacCarter.

Cordite Poetry Review is indexed and archived by the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Project.

About the author

Davey Dreamnation (1972–?) is an Australalian musician, vocalist, pirate and record-label owner who now lives 'in the third person'.

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